ScizorKnight's Challenge :]

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ScizorKnight's Challenge :]

Post by ScizorKnight. on Wed Jun 04, 2014 7:38 am

Name: ScizorKnight
Team: Lando-t, chansey, heatran, gastrodon, conckelder, Mandibuzz 
Badges: 8
Symbols: 7
Gym Leaders beaten:Yes
Frontier beaten: Yes
Elite Four beaten: no
Champion Beaten: No

           Trainers     Thank You all of you for giving me these awesome battles. Ya'll are awesome! Very Happy
Gym Tr★iner Ads: Score= 5-0
Gym Tr★iner Mikasa: Score= 5-0
Gym Tr★iner Dragom Score= 5-0
Gym Tr★iner Penta:    Score= 5-0
Gym Tr★iner Tempo:    Score= 6-0 (Dammit, i broke my streak Sad)
     Gyms Leaders    Thanks guys! i really enjoyed these battles x3, shoutout for kha getting that promotion! tongue 
Gym Le★der Demi: Score= 6-0
Gym Le★der Heart: Score= 5-0
Gym Le★der Slim:   Score= 4-0
GymLe★derRedrikeo: Score= 2-0
Gym Le★der Roy:  Score= 4-3 
Gym Le★der Jeezy: Score= 3-0  
Gym Le★der Chris: Score= 3-0
Gym Leder Nahoto: Score= 5-0
        Frontiers     Bai bai frontier peeples. And hello to Ou matches >Very Happy. I enjoyed my battles wit yallz baaai  albino
Frontier★ Zero0: Score= 4-0 (#JolteonTheGodOfHackmons)
Frontier★Erza: Score= 2-0

      Professors   #LoopHoleThroughKremeAndRandoms, I enjoyed yalls battles x3  Surprised
Professor★Spike: Score= 5-0 (my new scizor fren <3  Razz )
Pr★fessor zamuil: Score= 2-0
Professor★ Corroc: Score=2-0
Professor★ Maxerus: Score= 4-2
Professor Gara: Score= 6-2
     Elite Four    Man talk about challenging. Good job guys Very Happy
Elite Four★ Rex7:
Elite Four★Dorell:
CHAMPION!!! Exclamation
Champion X-man: 

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Re: ScizorKnight's Challenge :]

Post by Ferro on Wed Jun 04, 2014 7:55 am


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