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Post by professorrush on Thu Sep 11, 2014 4:45 pm

Name: Pr★fessor Rush
Team: Greninja, Terrakion, Meloetta, Mega-Scizor, Porygon2, Talonflame
Badges: 8
Symbols: 7
Gym Leaders beaten:Yes
Frontier beaten: Yes
Elite Four beaten: No
Champion Beaten: No <-- Gym Trainer Neo <-- Gym Trainer Hingo <-- Gym Trainer Cane <-- Gym Trainer Eel <-- Gym Trainer Kai (Xman u really need to add him to the fairy trainer list on the site RIGHT THERE IM DONE WITH TRAINERS NOW ONTO LEADERS) <-- Gym Leader Nolan <-- Gym Leader Redy <-- Gym Leader Sabo <-- Gym Leader Tempo <-- Gym Leader Greek <-- Gym Leader Nido <-- Gym Leader Botany <-- Gym Leader Zubifius(Fuck u leaders onto the profs/frontiers) <-- Frontier XVZ <-- Frontier Imduz <-- Frontier Gray <-- Professor Eel <-- Frontier Erza
I beat Emortal and lost the replay sorry if you dont believe me ask Emortal <-- Rexy <-- Chrisy <-- Mushy

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