Gym Leader Zaga's Challenge

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Gym Leader Zaga's Challenge

Post by Ads20000 on Thu Jun 19, 2014 5:02 am

Name: Gym Leader ₪ Zaga
Team: Quagsire, Scizor, Sableye, Mawile-Mega, Venomoth, Thundurus-T
Badges: 0
Symbols: 0
Gym Leaders beaten: No
Frontier beaten: No
Elite Four beaten: No
Champion Beaten: No

Note: I, Ads20000/Gym Le★der Ads, will be keeping this updated and posting the replays because Zaga has lost his/her password for this forum and doesn't have another email account to make a new one. As a result, this post may be somewhat out-of-date.

Note 2: This challenge has been approved by Elite Four High.

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