Le Protean Shakes challenges thy Ligue

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Le Protean Shakes challenges thy Ligue

Post by Le ProteanShakes Esquire on Tue May 27, 2014 10:53 pm

Name: Not ProteanLando
Team: http://pastebin.com/W0N4g1Cf
Gym Trainer Marly<3:  http://frost.psim.us/battle-ou-547604
Gym Trainer SVU:  http://frost.psim.us/battle-ou-547638
Gym Trainer Reck<3: http://frost.psim.us/battle-ou-551725
Gym Trainer Leon<3:  http://frost.psim.us/battle-ou-551778
Gym Leader Cane: http://frost.psim.us/battle-ou-554551
Le ProteanShakes Esquire

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